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Mastering Money Management

Becoming One Community believes that a person must have guidance in all areas of their reentry experience in order to be fully empowered.   Once a person gains employment, the next reentry phase is to possess the ability to manage their newfound financial resources.     Our financial empowerment curriculum, which is in the planning stages at this time, is a program that enables our clients to become financially independent.      The goal of this program is to provide the necessary tools for our clients to manage their newfound financial resources and creating a financial future.  

We are offering the following seminars:

  • Your Story About Money
  • Open A Financial Account
  • Create A Budget (“Running A Small Business”)
  • Repair Your Credit
  • Save For Your Future (House, Car, etc.)
  • Invest In You (401K, Retirement, etc.)
  • Start a business  (Entrepreneurship)​

We are currently seeking collaborative opportunities with other organizations, who align with our mission, in offering this curriculum to returning citizens (ex-offenders) within our community.   Please feel free to contact us utilizing the form below if your organization expresses such interest!