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Becoming One Community is an organization created to empower  justice-involved individuals to become role models within their communities.   We offer a holistic set of programs that embraces the whole person, not just a piece.  Our life transforming set of programs includes the following:  Career Readiness, Financial Management, Healthy Living, Know Your Rights, and Housing Empowerment.  

This foundation is the direct result of a self expression and leadership course that I was enrolled in September of 2012.   Being in this type of similar situation myself a few years ago, I definitely understand the ups and downs of reintroducing yourself back into society.   After speaking with many justice-involved individuals and their families, I have discovered that there is definitely a need for such a program. I know there are many programs that may be similar to this particular one; however, there are not enough programs to address the needs of so many individuals.  Therefore, “The Becoming One Community” was born out of a need and concern for what is going on now in today’s world.  On a daily basis, individuals are being released from the penal system with little or no knowledge of what they are facing in today’s new world.  Those individuals are the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers of our community.  Fear is a common denominator amongst these individuals.  The fear of not finding a job, fear of not being fully accepted as a part of the community is valid and must be addressed. Without concern for these individuals,  there will be an increase in drug usage; depression; and the rate of recidivism of justice-involved individuals. 

Building those bridges to successfully empower both its participants and target community is the focus of our organization.   Our target community will consist of people who want to reintegrate justice-involved individuals back into society. That effort will involve the many talents and skills of business owners, hiring managers, churches, mosques, synagogues (jail and prison ministries); general laypersons who exhibit a passion for reintegrating the justice-involved and social organizations. This is where the support of the community will empower our participants thereby creating positive contributors to society

In conclusion, our service will contribute to bridging the gap between justice-involved and the rest of the community.    Our participants will become successfully empowered positive contributors to society.  Also, this will uplift the community and make it a better place for all, creating the vision of Becoming One Community!

James E Davis Jr
Founder/Executive Director