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Our organization empowers justice-involved individuals to serve as role models in their communities.   Rather than focusing on just one aspect of a person, we provide comprehensive programs that encompass all aspects.  We offer life-changing programs such as  Career Readiness, Mastering Money Management, Fit Living, Knowing Your Rights, and Housing Empowerment

Building those bridges to successfully empower both its participants and target community is the focus of our organization.   Our target community will consist of people who want to reintegrate justice-involved individuals back into society. That effort will involve the many talents and skills of business owners, hiring managers, churches, mosques, synagogues (jail and prison ministries); general laypersons who exhibit a passion for reintegrating the justice-involved and social organizations. This is where the support of the community will empower our participants thereby creating positive contributors to society.

Based on my participation in a self-expression and leadership course in September of 2012, this foundation came to be.   As someone who was in a similar situation just a few years ago, I understand the ups and downs of reentering society.   It has become obvious to me after speaking with many justice-involved individuals and their families that there is definitely a need for such a program. This program is one of a number that may be similar to this one; however, there are not enough programs to meet the needs of so many people.  Therefore, “The Becoming One Community” was born out of a need and concern for what is happening now in today’s world.  Every day, individuals are being released from prison without realizing what they are facing in today’s modern world.  The individuals listed above are sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers in our community.  Among these individuals, fear is a common denominator.  Unemployment, lack of acceptance in the community are valid fears that must be addressed. It is likely that drug use, depression, and recidivism rates for justice-involved individuals will increase without consideration for these individuals.

As a result, our services will contribute to bridging the gap between justice-involved individuals and their communities.    As a result of our program, our participants will successfully empower themselves to become positive contributors to society.  Moreover, this will increase the quality of life in the community, creating the vision of Becoming One Community!

James E Davis Jr
Founder/Executive Director