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Career Readiness

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The core of the BECOMING ONE COMMUNITY career readiness program is providing every avenue for a participant‘s success in the job market.  It is understood that although someone may want a job, him or her might not be prepared to retain that employment, nor be equipped to cope with work place challenges. BECOMING ONE COMMUNITY recognizes the importance of pre-career acquisition skills training.

This begins with assessing the participants ‘work readiness.  This is a one-day introductory workshop that takes a no-nonsense, no excuses approach to career readiness. This workshop digs into the root causes of a person ‘s inability to obtain and keep a job.  This can be painful and met with resistance, however, helping participants develop the attitudes and workplace behaviors they need to overcome employment obstacles and transform their lives is essential.

Our introductory workshops are small in nature, where 15 participants would attend.   This allows for a more attention on an individual instead of a large group of people.      We realize that everyone’s needs are different so there really is not just a cookie cutter approach to job readiness skills.    Through our registration process, we learn about each individual and the challenges before they attend the introductory workshop.   In this introductory workshop, participants will address the following items: overcoming their past, skills discovery, completing an application, networking, resume development, dressing for success, interviewing, and becoming a model employee.

During these workshops, we learn more about the participants and the obstacles they are facing while seeking employment.  Those obstacles are as follows:  lack of computer skills, unfavorable housing situations, etc.  We provide the appropriate resources in order to overcome those obstacles.   The sole purpose of these workshops is for the participants to leave with a heightened sense of self-esteem.    During their search for employment, the participant will be engaged in a dialogue with one of our mentors to guide and encourage along their way. In addition, collaboration with the other organizations in order to assist our clients is tantamount.

We provide events where participants will be able to network in an audience of potential employers.  This is where participants will exercise their newly discovered networking skills, and the business community the opportunity to tap into a market of skilled labor for their organizations.  In addition, we have intermittent seminars and workshops to enhance our clients’ experiences while seeking employment.

BECOMING ONE COMMUNITY support continues well after a job is secured. It is proposed that mentors and volunteers will provides a wide range of support services, tailored to meet each client ‘s needs.  Upon completion of the of the various BECOMING ONE COMMUNITY workshops, each client will create an individualized program plan with goals and objectives, timelines, what support services are needed, and a plan for achieving the written plan. A plan of action will involve identifying what resources and referrals are available to the client as the job search continues.  This could include but not be limited to childcare assistance, transportation vouchers, interview clothing, and assistance with resume writing.


If you are ready to start the process to get your career started, click here CAREER PLAN