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Our Reviews

What the community is saying about us!

“Everything was great and informative with the course.  I felt recharged and full of inspiration after the program”  Job Readiness Training Participant 1/2015

“One can also learn new things each and every day.  There is no such thing as a knowing too much.  Each day is a learning experience”  Job Readiness Training Participant 1/2015

“ I truly believe that James has a  passion to help people such as myself as I take this next transition into seeking and gaining temporary or permanent employment.  The world could use more positive, productive individuals such as James to make a difference one workshop at a time.  Thank you for everything you provided today!  Job Readiness Training Participant 11/2014

“Working Through the No’s is a workshop that is much needed by Ex-Offenders who surely need help identifying strengths and job skills.  Most importantly gain self-confidence””  Job Readiness Training Participant 11/2014